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Our laboratory for Molecular Transformation Chemistry is launched in April 2023 at the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kyushu University. Our group, interested in manipulating molecular transformations, will pioneer organic reactions based on new concepts and promote research in diverse academic fields such as chemistry, pharmaceutics, medicinal science, and life science through their applications. We believe that exploring organic reaction chemistry will not only broaden the range of available functional molecules but also enable us to intervene in biological functions expressed by chemical reactions.

In order to solve difficult social problems, it is becoming increasingly important to collaborate in interdisciplinary fields. However, pharmaceutical science is an originally complex field that cannot be covered by a single research field. The Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Kyushu University, to which this field belongs, is home to laboratories specializing in life sciences and chemistry and also has many experts in medical, dental, and health sciences on the same campus, who promote cutting-edge research on a daily basis. Based on these favorable conditions, we will actively engage in collaborative research with researchers inside and outside the university.

Our group welcomes the participation of those who aspire to and wish to deepen their knowledge of pharmaceutical sciences. Through committing research, we convey the interest, depth, and potential of new science from the perspective of organic chemistry, and support the acquisition and improvement of various abilities that are universally required in society. We will also actively provide opportunities for those who wish to use these skills as a stepping stone from Kyushu to the world.

If you are interested in our laboratory or wish to join us as a graduate student, please apply through the Pre-admission Support Desk (PSD) on the Kyushu University website. At present, we expect international students to be proficient in both English and Japanese communication (e.g. N1 Level in JLPT).
If you wish to join the team as a postdoctoral researcher, please contact the PI by e-mail directly.



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Molecular Transformation Chemistry

Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kyushu University

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